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This foundation is because of those who knew Michael and the importance of social and emotional support for our youth. 

Michael was born into a loving family, surrounded by supportive friends and extended family that span into Canada and across the Atlantic into Europe. He started out an energetic little boy, with magnetic personality and confident character. He loved soccer, skiing, snowboarding, sailing, traveling and being the first to try new things. Mostly, he had a very loving heart and fed off of the approval of people he admired, loved and respected.  He was motivated by the  encouragement of his mentors, teachers and peers, always eager to give 110% and struggled when that approval was lacking.  He was inquisitive, driven and very compassionate.  His smile was infectious and he enjoyed being goofy and spontaneous.

As he entered high school, his ‘goofiness’ shifted to being a dare devil.  His snowboarding stunts became more challenging and his bike was replaced with a long board that he would ride on winding back roads.  His colorful spirit is documented through his creative photography and videos which he choreographed, such as his long boarding and snowboarding escapdes. He had immense vision in his innovativeness as is represented in his ability to transform regular automobiles into head turning art in motion, as in his iconic BLUE Honda.  However, if someone needed him, he put all of this on hold for them.

He was heading for a promising future after high school.  His spontaneity and hunger to be bigger than life quickly turned against him and threw him down a spiraling hole which he was not emotionally prepared for as well as unforeseen personal circumstances he faced in his first year of college.  His need for redemption and renewed self-worth consumed him.  He was not able to take a breath, to forgive himself or lean on his true friends and family. His punishment to himself was final, but for those who knew him well, we believe this does not define him. He was 19. 

Failure, disappointment, shame and worthlessness has many faces, so our goal is to strengthen self-worth and prevent fatal recourse.

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